The most striking feature of the community is its shape.
The circular design is the main feature in the shape of the community following the wisdom and excellent geometry of nature.

The circular design allows for minimal power consumption in relation to the maximum social benefit. The architecture, in its efficient application, uses the minimum amount of materials for the safest and most efficient layout. As the materials are improving and changing, so will the architecture and design. These increase the advantages and expand the facilities, goods and services, making them accessible to everyone.

A ring shaped pathway will pass close from every structure in the community, offering by this way easy access and the same amount of distance from each individual point. Interconnected paths and water streams will be used for the supporting of the three-dimensional forest garden that is being created on the entire surface of the land, but also for bio-climatic purposes.

Bigger and smaller artificial lakes also will be created offering a more stable and friendly climate the same to nature as to man.

In the center of the community there will be a Geodesic Dome Cluster which will be made from five interconnected Geodesic Domes. Each of the domes will have many different uses facilitating many activities like arts, education, research, entertainment etc.

telaithrion full view

Going from the center outwards and though the forest garden, three Yurt Modules, that will be made from 7 interconnected Yurts, 6 for individual use and one in the center as a common space access area.

The placement of the yurt modules will be done evenly around the center of the community. These modules will be used primarily for residential and hospitality purposes.

yurt module and lake

After calculations on nutritional and space needs that have been made based on the current piece of land that is already part of the project, the size of the population is expected to start with about 15 people and gradually grows to about 30 people.

It is important to note that the community itself will be seen as a dynamic, evolving integrated system rather than a static structure. Initially, most of the construction will be done by hand using traditional methods and local materials.

Our ultimate goal, however, is to capitalize on the types of structures and prefabricated technologies to streamline and accelerate the process. The materials used will evolve accordingly, but will always remain natural and locally.