The «Telaithrion Project» hopes to put in actual perspective, that a self sufficient sustainable society that is based on true incentives and selfless giving, can exist, and that can be applied to practice in everyday life, and that even if the entire culture of humanity adopted it could flourish. We would like to share all the practical knowledge, the information, the technologies and at the end the solutions that we may discover, research and apply to this journey of ours. We will do all we can to animate, empower, educate and inspire all people we meet so they will be able to follow their own path towards a more possible, more balanced coexistence of races and species on the planet. Free and Real Door Logo

We want to learn from our mistakes, to evolve the way we communicate with our fellow men, to re-establish our self’s by re-establishing our environments and our needs and at the end to act on the research and knowledge of mankind to the areas of health, technology, energy, education, farming, social structure, entertainment and empathy. To embrace diversity and uniqueness and become better than our own self’s, accepting the daily feedback as food for thought and conscious harmonious creative and productive communication. We want to live with the lowest possible ecological footprint and simultaneously with the greatest possible freedom in education (information) and creative living.

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We want a world of peace and freedom, with technological development that operates as an extension of human potential, a world that will strategically and consciously will manage with balance the natural recourses, were a reality of a society of healthy living conditions and full of open minded people can be possible, free spirit and real incentives, away for any kind of isolations, artificial barriers, technology driven by planned obsolescence and pointless, without real and creating motives, labor.

dome by night

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