The Community Sections

The research that drives us, every day that passes, in the designing and the application of the project and also all the actions that have added so far in its evolvment can be found at

The community will be divided in 3 basic major sections.

The Geodesic Dome Cluster

In the center of the community, the Geodesic Dome Cluster will faction like the heart of the entire project.

Composed of 5 interconnected Geodesic Domes, all of them with multiple uses and different purposes.

geodesic domes

The main dome will be about 100 square meters and it will have a second flour of about 70 square meters. The 4 surrounding ones will be about 60 square meters each.

These domes will be available to all, they will work as common spaces and they will house educational, communication and support facilities, art and music center, science and research center, athletics and entertainment and in large scale seminars or conferences or other events they will even work for hospitality reasons as well.

The Yurt Modules

For residential and housing purposes 3 individual Yurt Modules will be used. Each Yurt Module will consist of 7 interconnected individual yurts.

yurt module and compost

In the center a yurt of about 45 square meters will serve as a common space between the other 6, 16 square meter yurts.

In the common space yurt there will be central heating that will provide heat to the other satellite yurts, bathrooms, small kitchen, library, terminal server and other shared facilities.

The 6 smaller yurts will be for personal use, with large bedrooms, study room, etc.

With this design we reduce the total needs on energy and materials by a factor of 5. More about the research that has been done on eco-building can be found here.

The Forest Garden

Basically the entire community will be immersed inside a magnificent forest garden. This garden is already being developing with the help of the Natural Farming method and the valuable support of the will be developed though the use of the Natural Farming method.Natural Farming Center.

Many waterways and streams that will start from the artificial lakes, that will be filled with a natural way, will surround this belt to irrigate the forest and offer a sustainable climate for both plants and people.

telaithrion full view

Only organically grown crops would be grown, without the use of dangerous fertilizers and pesticides.
Most of the plants and the trees in the garden will be eatable and they will support the nutritional needs of the community.

Also many supporting structures like, tool sheds, greenhouse, compost facilities etc will be spread out around the community.

Energy Study

An energy consumption study has already been made for the cover of the energy needs for the project.
A multi renewable energy system will be used with the main focus being on the wind power production.


Also small-scale photovoltaic panels, a small hydroelectric installation even smart panels or geothermal in a combination of all these applications but with focus to our main concern beeing the strategic management of energy consumption.

More on the research that is being done on energy here